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...y lifetime. That means medical. That means education. The families of these wonderful people are now back on the illegal immigration and indeed the whole point is that when you run, you have these magnificent women who worked all their life to be it, going into Tennessee. It’s true.”

But they heard they were going to be beautiful Jewish baby.

In fact, I’d love him to leave early and play, that's one thing you're going to go and make a speech on Hillary Clinton, which has lost its way, prices are too high – but they’re doing great.” He can’t be broken. That was a rough week. They were good. They were hitting me.

But there’s only one way you treat that kind of behavior. You have to do – and we had a great financial statement. They wanted to do a great job?

Great. Jared (ph), Laura and Eric, I’m going to charge him a massive tax which they call a tariff because it sounds a little more sophisticated anti-ship weapons, anti-aircraft weapons and GPS systems and rockets like very few people anywhere in the world through the roof. You're not going to go to a plan that was going to happen -- make America strong again so that you can afford military the tools they need to understand the responsibility but I will not hesitate to deploy America is going to be replaced. And you're going to happen.

Our allies must contribute toward the financial, political and human costs of our tremendous mistakes, we expect our lead to continually play the role of peacemaker.

We have spent trillions of dollars over time – on planes, missiles in both Hebrew and Farsi were the words “radical Islamic terrorism.

Pretty much like we did with communism during the Cold War.

In this we’re going to take away American’s guns and then admit the very people who add to the process.

You know, they want to also congratulations. That’s the original. That’s when we become a country that I think I've ever seen before.

Thank you. These are minor details. We have some big number now all of a sudden, Mexico took it away. And now it’s not how you make a deal. Deals are made when parties come to the table willing to accept that Israel. They must do that.

And they’re all live and they’ll be criticized by an Administration, no American citizen will end on day one.

Thank you. Beautiful. Thank you.

And we just finished but it's -- but she insisted on being here. It was so important term — a term that these people have to rebuild our mi

I want to make a speech again!

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The speeches used include:

  • Campaign Announcement - June 16, 2015
  • Iowa Freedom Summit - January 24, 2015
  • South Carolina Primary Victory Speech - February 20, 2015
  • Super Tuesday Speech - March 1, 2016
  • Foreign Policy Speech - April 27th, 2016
  • Victory Speech at New Jersey June 7th
  • Speech on the Orlando Shooting - June 13, 2016
  • No more speeches will be added because he got elected and that makes me sad.

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