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...ng…millions of dollars.

I will stop Iran from getting nuclear weapon.

All of this without even mentioning there. And they have the military, I will tell you I'm here, and very strongly here, because I’m totally destabilized Iraq, unleashed ISIS and threw Syria into chaos and created the many horrible acts of terrorism around the Art of the Deal. Give me that book.

You know in the world, and 130 people were brutally murdered by Islamic terrorism. We have to focus on terrorism because I don’t wear ties so much anyway. You people are incredible. The crowd. You saw it.

You know, in a case of Univision – maybe the biggest selling this thing away with. We can't let it happen. It won’t happen. It won’t have any business minds in the world. The Greatest Generation beat back the money, and we have to do is look at the patches and thousands of refugees from the Middle East and it’s been so spot on, he’s so highly respected. Has anybody heard of Sgt. Bergdahl. Has anybody. I’ve fought for my business. I have many websites, many, many websites, many, many websites, many, many websites. They're great. It will be opening – and here’s another twisted part. Testing these missiles does not permit us to know who we let into our country. I am going to make this [demonstrates with hand] that are stupid. I like China. I mean, so many -- I guess millions when you add their stuff, and I buy it. I buy it, because they renewed The Apprentice and I won’t tell them where and I won’t tell them pundits. Some are really kicks in in '16 and it didn’t happen. They shouldn't be allowed to have our borders. Why didn't they paying for the National Intelligence and a Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

So, she says the solution is tougher on ISIS than Donald Trump with actions of the Middle East. They’ve become rich. I’m here today to tell you that. I will tell you.

She wants to take away American lives, and many more from other countries outside of the mountain China is taking over Iraq and Afghanistan has tremendous wealth in minerals, different places. I go to various differences with these two nations, and must regard them with open eyes. But we are not bound to be a speech very, very interesting.”

So they put asphalt all over the place. And I used to say the words “Israel must be wiped off the face of the earth.” You can forget that.

What kind of demented minds write that is just so sad and to be clear-sighted about the clock. A

I want to make a speech again!

What is this?

Insta-Trump uses transcripts of several Trump speeches to create a new speech using a process called a Markov Chain.

The speeches used include:

  • Campaign Announcement - June 16, 2015
  • Iowa Freedom Summit - January 24, 2015
  • South Carolina Primary Victory Speech - February 20, 2015
  • Super Tuesday Speech - March 1, 2016
  • Foreign Policy Speech - April 27th, 2016
  • Victory Speech at New Jersey June 7th
  • Speech on the Orlando Shooting - June 13, 2016
  • No more speeches will be added because he got elected and that makes me sad.

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    Thanks, Mike, for the tweet that spawned the idea to make this!
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    Thanks to Hay Kranen for making and releasing the source to his PHP Markov Chain text generator, the engine that makes this site work!

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